New MS-20 Mini and Behringer Neutron Overlays Will Help Unlock the Power of These Two Amazing Synths

"Sunbleached Map" theme © Oversynth

US company Oversynth, has come up with some really great front panel designs for the beloved MS-20 Mini and Behringer Neutron semi-modular synthesizers, aimed at helping to unlock the max potential behind these two incredible machines, serving as guides for aspiring and professional modular enthusiasts alike.

Since its debut, the MS-20 has been one of the coolest synths around. Back as a smaller counterpart to the original MS-20 design as the "MS-20 Mini", the circuitry has been designed just like the original, including the filter which alone is something to truly behold! That infamous Korg35 filter module that bites and growls with such a unique sound to it, making it one of the most revered since its inception.

Fast forward nearly 40 years later since the birth of the MS-20, and enter the mighty Behringer Neutron! Another instant classic that has captured the imagination of so many synth enthusiasts, with powerful Curtis CEM3340 chip-based oscillators, and a monstrous originally designed filter dubbed the "Moffatt" filter. Add the 56 patch points, and the super cool Bucket Brigade Delay, and you have unbelievable sonic power at your fingertips.

What a beaut! ;) "Whitephase" Neutron overlay © Oversynth

But the truth is that for many, both these synths can become a bit complicated if you are not familiar with modular synthesis. While they are both "semi-modular" in nature - meaning they are hardwired underneath the hood and ready to play, but can also be interconnected in many different ways - this can at least in the beginning, be a little frustrating and confusing.

If you feel you ever had trouble trying to understand exactly how to patch points properly, these stylish, color coded themes, made of a high quality paper product that is water and chemical proof, will help you to begin to understand the process with a bit more ease, visually guiding you along the way to help you make the most out of your sessions.

Installment is also for the most part a breeze. Simply take off your knobs and screws, overlay the panel, and re-install everything...that's it!

You can find a really nice selection of these must-have overlays for your MS20 Mini or Behringer Neutron on the Oversynth website.