Nexus 23 - 23 Theory

Following his “Synth, Knobs and Boomsticks” album in 2017 on Demon City Records, London based Joe Black (Zero One Music, Borg Recordings, Biotech Recordings) returns to Bass Agenda Recordings with a brand new and epic four tracker of high caliber. Nexus 23's music is like a bottle of wine, the older it gets, the better it is. With “23 Theory”, the British Electro producer explains to the masses his vision of a syncopated world.

The digital pack kicks off with the title track, an insane song based upon Breakbeat rhythms, dark melodies and heading effects, while a female vocal scanding “Twenty Three” emerges from nowhere. Very scary and attractive at the same with its early 90’s Rave influences, one of the EP’s highlights.

Raw “Bass Ball” coming next serves up a pounding affair, characterized by uncanny distortions over samples taken from Dynamix II and an irresistible atmosphere.

With its C64 and video games sororities, “Embalmed” breathes a shuffle of fresh air unto a overly formatted electronic scene. A broken beat falsely dancefloor, combined with oriental sororities and counter tempos, turns the cut into a real UFO, hard to classify but very pleasant to listen to! My favorite after the tune in overture.

Last but not the least “Dirt Track” hardens the tone to deliver a powerful robotic slaughter colored with old-schoolish references, industrial touches and different levels of playback.

To sum up, “23 Theory” appears as one of Nexus 23’s best and most homogeneous EP's to date! Not the usual sound we are used to hearing on Bass Agenda Recordings, and this is why we love this label so much. Must have!


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