Nexus 6 Shares New Mix Featuring Umwelt, Silicon Scally, Norwell

Our writers are more than just journalists! They are dedicated professional musicians with a long history in either DJ'ing, or producing records, and with a passion that reaches deep into the realms of Electronic Music. Perhaps few are as passionate as Electric Kingdom co-founder Chris Nexus 6 however; a man with over 20 years under his belt of dedication to our music and its artists. Whether reviewing some of the best records released over the years, interviewing some of the most iconic artists around, or the visionary mind behind the incredible artworks of labels such as New Flesh or Fundamental Bass Intelligence, Chris Nexus 6 is a devout purveyor of our sound, and someone with a profound sense of where the music is headed!

Recently, he shared his latest mix on Mixcloud featuring many tracks by artists like Umwelt, Silicon Scally, Norwell, and The Exaltics to name a few. This one in particular dedicated to the loving memory of his father.

Check it out, and remember to share!

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