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No Moon Returns to Craigie Knowes, Set to Release New EP "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Fred Sheperd aka No Moon © No Moon official/Facebook

A phrase often heard in the common lexicon during times of chaos, uncertainty and fear is "What now", "Now what", and in the case of a new record from No Moon, a similar question, "Where Do We Go From Here?". Taking the question seriously, No Moon returns to Craigie Knowes with his follow up to "Infinite Dreamz", one of the most popular Electronic Music records of 2018.

The Manchester long-time musician turned Electronic Music aficionado delivers an exotic vision of future Electro music. While holding fast to the fundamental Electro sound, syncopated patterns, thematic voices and fulfilling rhythms, No Moon explores an Electro world filled with new sonic experiences on this three track EP. The titles on the EP relay a stark message, but the words "Breaking Point", "They are Advancing" and "Where do we go from here" only tell a piece of the story.

The artist uses flowing ambiance, unique bass lines, mysterious patterns, and traversing pads to deliver a word of acknowledgment, warning and hope through the cascading vibrations on his latest Electro venture.

This three track vinyl release is available for pre-order at various online record shops and will be released on April 29th.

You can listen to previews of the new record below: