Noamm - Black Waves

A regular signature on London premium Electro label Bass Agenda Recordings, Greek producer Noamm (Battery Park Studio, Black Leather Records) returns with a full length digital LP of pure darkness. Following his debut album “Entering Darkness” in 2016, noir “Black Waves” pursues the artist’s quest of light, through eight refined cuts tinted with New Wave and Detroit Electro influences.

Without compromise, Noamm immerses us in an unhealthy world surrounded by hostile life forms and murderer robots. Their goal: the complete annihilation of mankind. And it works! Alternating between mental manipulations (“Dyslexic Robot”, “Abnormity”, “Round Of Death”, “Narcolepsy”) and dancefloor assaults (“Metaphysics”, “Black Future”, “Destroy The Human Rave”), the album fuses with inspiration Sci-Fi tones to sonic frequencies, while retro synth flights blow away the listener.

Noamm's style in many aspects is something closer to that of the ultra talented T/Error from Italy. Grade A to track "Destroy The Human Race", an epic journey into darkness. Raw, infectious and punk at the same time. A sum up by itself of Noamm’s ability to deliver discomfortable music. When darkness shows you the way through mirk.


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