Nomenklatür - Atomised

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Authors of evocative Techno and Electro music since 2004 on a handful of EP’s on Gouru Records and Swap Recordings imprints, the French duo Nomenklatür had disappeared from our radars for more than five years. Now back in full effect, the founders of Elektrofon label deliver their 3rd album. Immersed into darkness, uncompromising “Atomised” succeeds to “Gifts OF Age” and “Fascinated By The Chaos”, respectively published on Space Factory in 2009 and Module, a couple of years later.

When it comes to Electro, the guys know their game as they were one of the firsts to sign works from Franck Kartell and Commuter; artists they are close to, way before any other label. We naturally find them today on Andy Barton’s unstoppable Bass Agenda Recordings with a full-length release of high caliber, craftily produced. The album gathers together all the components of an explosive cocktail through eight refined bombs tinted with new wave, IDM and Detroit Electro influences.

Kicking off the opus, “Fullness of Emptyness” sets the story in a dystopian future. A gloomy and deep atmosphere surrounds the track based upon a slowed down rhythm and some evanescent layers. You’ll feel like experimenting the calm before the storm.

“Lektrovision” engages serious hostilities with a synthetic tempo progressively reinforced by some retro synth melodies. Perfect for home listening pleasures, this introduction track leaves room for “Ransom For A Dead Man”, a milestone of an Electro beat cut characterized by soulful chords over groovy arpeggio flights. These three songs put us on track!

With its rhythmic overture, stunning “She Likes Dark Hair” sees Nomenklatür going back to their IDM roots. Surreal beats mixed up with vintage tones and movie samples turn the gem into one the LP’s climax. Dark as hell! The title track interrupts this hypnotic sequence with an emotive moment enhanced by great congas and drum explorations, offering a deep yet frantic journey into devastated landscapes.

Urban “Breathe” coming next brings back a bit of fresh air with an energetic and groovy 4/4 slaughter: you will see yourself hiding in the underground of an undefined city after a nuclear cataclysm. Sweet “Transcendence” follows up with a very Voironesque Techno song made of Ravey sororities from the early 90’s.

Last but not the least, beatless “Anafrogs From Mars” concludes with maestria the album thanks to intricate Reptilian croaking, warm Kraftwerkian influences and epic synth melodies.

Raw, infectious and inspired at the same time, “Atomised” serves up with only one purpose: to exhaust your body and soul on the dancefloor. Mission accomplished!

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