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NonZero! Set to Debut on Touchin' Bass With Vinyl LP, Shares New Song "Radex-One"

NonZero! | © Maryah Gamboa Pérez

Ever forget to do something, and then many years later suddenly like a bolt of electric shock, during a "stock take" getting ready for your label's 50th release, you suddenly remember: "Oh yeah, release #36, I totally forgot that one?" Well that's what happened to Andrea Parker, top robot over at Touchin' Bass.

While getting ready for TB50, she realized she'd skipped #36. So, to make up for the lapse, Touchin' Bass is set to drop a release by guitarist, drummer, mathematician and multidisciplinary improviser Maryah Gamboa Pérez, using the Pseudonym "NonZero!"

"Matrix Equation" shifts between DJ-friendly Electro inspired industrial rhythms, to noisematic chaotic angst. The artist draws heavily on her early influences as a bass and guitar player, inspired by Noise, and Avant Garde groups. Like a dawn before a snow storm, the tracks are bleak and brooding, but consist of a brightness in purpose and strength only heard on a select few releases. Adding to the Electro aesthetics is none other than Carl Finlow, who puts his Electro "Touchin' just the right places" on this vinyl, digital and streaming release that was also mastered by Noel Summerville (Aphex Twin, Autechre).

Get NonZero!'s "Matrix Equation" at all the best Electro shops when it comes out November 1st, but be sure to secure your copy directly through the label's Bandcamp. Best of all we still get to wait and see what Touchin' Bass 050 will be!

Find out more about Nonzero! over at her website. Also, check out a preview of the test pressing for "Matrix Equation" and the song "Radex-One":