Norwell - Interkosmos EP

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Norwell is back for more Acid House and Electro on Chris Nez’s brilliant UK label! Succeeding to Cignol's “Hidden Galaxies”, Balázs Semsei aka Norwell (Crisis, New Flesh Records, Pinkman, Dalmatia Daniel) delivers a five tracker of high caliber, in strict compliance with Computer Controlled Records’ artistic line.

A side opens with “Vertikal”, a milestone of a bubbling track based upon old school 4/4 beats, progressive acid modulations and overall a nostalgic sound that will bring you back to the end of the 80’s. Norwell's signature remains present by the middle of the cut with a psychedelic synth sequence to blow you into the dancefloor!

Merciless and sick “Solar Wind” instantly following, borrows from Armando or DJ Pierre's rhythms, but adds a touch of twist and some gloomy layers to the whole. The song will open for you the gates of darkness as you listen to this masterpiece, immersing you into the depths of Space. No doubt one of the EP’s highlights and they are numerous!

Surrounded by an unhealthy atmosphere, “Soyuz36”, on the flipside, serves up a mind-blowing cut made of filtered vocals over a relentless Electro bassline. Heading distortions and harsh drums will achieve to lead you into a circle for some robotic movements.

"Luna" goes deeper into the realm, signing a syncopated Electro gem made of bubbling modulations, swirls of 303's, and a soulful synthwave melody that takes guts. Top notch and one of my favorites along with the last song "Coronas-I"; a milestone of a pounding Acid House anthem. The tune gathers all the components you would expect to shake your booty. A groovy analog bassline enhanced with heading arpeggios, sharp drums and congas spiced with soothing assertive breaks will definitely put a smile on your face.

Showing another facet of Norwell’s personality and unlimited talent, this EP is a must have as it builds bridges between two main musical genres: Acid House and Electro. Rush on it!

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