Norwell - New Physics EP

"New Physics”, the seventh EP from Balázs Semsei aka Norwell sees the Acid house and Electro don invest in the prestigious label Lobster Theremin.

Following successful releases on imprints such as Computer Controlled, Crisis, or New Flesh Records, the Hungarian offers today no less than six syncopated masterpieces tinted with a vintage atmosphere. 

A side kicks off with cosmic “Base 1”, a moody ambient introduction made of emotive synth melodies over tense drone sororities. Hypnotic as Hell!

The title track instantly following signs a freaky tune as if the frightening soundtrack from the depths of the galaxy had been captured and put into waves. It also sounds like it was concocted by a merciless alien intelligence to control your mind and alienate your soul. Cold as Space but warm as an infectious drip. Ace!

Sci-fi “Paradox Logic” offers another milestone of an evil track, starting off softly but progressively coming up with harder tones fused into acidic lines and dark layers. A cut to create a real drama on the dancefloor thanks to its repetitive patterns enhanced by retro arpeggios. Most probably my favorite, and one of Norwell’s best pieces to date! 

The flipside opens with mighty “Motif”, a track to make some artists from Detroit pale. With its combination of 808's snapping at your heels, chunky synthetic bass lines that barrel ever onwards, and reedy keyboard tones, the song signs an authentic goosebumps factory!

In a similar vein, “Humanoid Forms” increases the unhealthy atmosphere spread since the first notes of the EP and the lethal menace of human extinction.

As a conclusion, melancholic “Train to Inamuragasaki” brings light and magnificence to an already must have EP driven by outstanding melodies and drums.

No need to argue anymore, rush on this future classic!


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