Novation and Aphex Twin Collaborate on Newly Released AFX Station Synthesizer

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

AFX Station...what do you think? ;) © Novation

Ever since the release of the original Novation Bass Station back in 1993, aspiring composers and seasoned enthusiasts alike have found a trusty sidekick in the small, affordable, and rather powerful and intuitive little bass synthesizer. With the release of the Bass Station II in 2013 however, users found an even broader array of parameters and patches to challenge and compliment their productions in this already modern classic that featured in this second go around, an added sub oscillator, a 2nd LFO, and two available filters (classic and diode ladder), not to mention a distortion unit, an arpeggiator, and a step sequencer.

Fast forward to the year 2020, a time when people are really paying attention to Electronic Music in general, and specifically that of one very talented figure: the mighty Aphex Twin, who with the release of "Collapse EP" back in 2018, captivated not just the older crowd that had faithfully followed his works for decades, but also a new generation saturated to the brim with trendy and often shallow and meaningless music, who found an immense breath of fresh air in the ingenuity of Richard D. James.

Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin © Discogs

Recently culminating a very important collaboration with synth manufacturer Novation, Aphex Twin has helped bring about a new and very limited version of the infamous Bass Station II, this one dubbed very appropriately as the "AFX Station". It's primary difference to the original version, aside from some minor cosmetic changes in tribute to the great Aphex Twin of course, being the inclusion of the powerful "AFX Mode".

With this mode, which was developed by Novation back in 2019 along with Richard D. James (and only available as an update until now), users can essentially program synth patches to each independent key on the keyboard, giving you absolutely unheard of power in designing your sound. The AFX Station also features oscillator "glide diverge", microtuning, and even fixed duration envelopes!

The Novation AFX Station is already available for pre-order, at a price of $439.99, and should be arriving at retailers soon, so get your orders in today if you want to lock in a unit for yourself.

Also if you have a moment, please watch this promotional video for the Novation AFX Station: