NoxGenus Recordings

Born in Nijmegen, Netherlands back in 1998 as a collective of analog Electronic Music enthusiasts, Noxgenus Recordings has been a pivotal force in the Electro scene, working as a Creative Commons Netlabel since its official launch in 2008, yet always providing its material for free since its inception as perhaps the original Netlabel of sorts, so far bringing us 15 releases of pure Electronic bliss!

As co-founder Winters aka Zwart Licht Kommando explains about their earliest modes of storing and delivering free material to their supporters: "Noxgenus was in essence a netlabel, since at home I was one of the first to have a broadband cable connection; which enabled me to run a 24/7 webserver from home on the infamous IP This meant I had all the storage available that was needed. Server storage and bandwidth on hired servers at that time was quite expensive so that wasn't an option. Up to this day, all Noxgenus work is and always will be available for free from our website".

Starting off in music production after acquiring what quickly became a well rounded analog hardware studio, the collective-composed of friends Victor, Niels, and Robbie-originally named "The Darkvoid Project", would soon begin to proliferate its work through media such as cassettes, CD's, and the early and obscure days of 1990's internet. Eventually leading to the forming of "NoxGenus", the label, which would become a platform for artists such as Li-Z, Minotaur Electronics, Dena, Dead TV Society, and Lenny.

The label's first official release came in 2008 with the release of Zwart Licht Kommando's "NoxGenus 01", 5 songs offered as a digital release with the songs "Bike Ride", "Drown", "I am Acid", "Waiting For You", and "Grind Me". A fresh way to start things off, full of eclectic sounds ranging from Acid Techno, to soothing Electronica; always a bit experimental, yet quite refined at the same time.

For the 2nd release, the label would gather some of the best material from the days of "The Darkvoid Project", releasing 6 songs of warm analog goodness, based around slower tempos, and inspiring textures and melodies; yet delving a bit into some obscurity along the way. These songs are considered very rare, and can only be found through the label's website, and are a treat to say the least. In many ways what could have been the first record, since it gives the listener a good perspective of the energy flowing between the members of the collective back in the early days.

Over the years the label has released 10 more titles by artists such as co-founder Niels as Dead TV Society, Minotaur Electronics, Zwart Licht Kommando, a collaboration by Dead TV Society and Zwart Licht as "Telemetry", as well as a record done by Seele ohne Zielas; who is not officially mentioned as a label member, not to mention the first full album by Li-Z; one of the label's founders' infamous partner-in-crime, who compiles her best work from the last 10 years or so, in the style of hard, dark, Industrial Electro Bass. 16 tracks produced with an intriguing drive to push the boundaries of menacing dancefloor tunes, layered by complex and intelligent programming.

Look out for more material from the label to come over time, which as we have seen is never with any sense of hurry or need to stay relevant. The crew has and always will be, more interested in the careful and rather experimental approach that allows for innovation and originality. As Winters from Zwart Licht Kommando explains: "We don't plan. It might be that some of us won't be making music for a while because we have other interests, but Noxgenus will live on no matter what happens. We will always keep making music, but sometimes with intervals".

Support the label through their website, where you can download all of their material in high-quality formats including FLAC, and of course...for FREE! So what are you waiting for? This is one thing that will surely not disappoint! If you like mysterious, experimental, yet deeply emotive and funky music, then this is right up your alley.


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