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Oberman Knocks Announces New Album "Trilate Shift" on Aperture Records

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Oberman Knocks live © Oberman Knocks Official

Oberman Knocks is set to return to Andrea Parker's label, Aperture Records, with his third release, "Trilate Shift"; a fourteen track study in "proficient divergent ingenuity". Returning to Aperture after his second relase "Dilankex", Oberman shows his growth as a producer with this polished change of direction, utilizing the full range of sonic sensations available on this sweeping vinyl, digital and stream offering.

Disembodied voices converse with bass drops filled with scrupulous production prowess throughout Trilate Shift. The audio scape is nothing short of intense on every track. If not careful, this release will leave your jaw dropped and your subs smoking.

DJ's and fans prepare to take a trip into electronic music like you never have before. Find out more about Oberman Knocks' new release Trilate Shift at Aperture Record's website.

No previews are available of the new release, but if you haven't heard Oberman Knocks' music before, listen to one of his previous releases on Aperture below: