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Oberman Knocks Announces Return to Aperture Records in July with "Remhex Coyles EP"

Oberman Knocks © E. Doyle

Oberman Knocks is set to release a standalone encapsulation of sounds on Aperture Records in early July. Not to be seen as a follow-up to "Trilate Shift", his highly experimental third release on Aperture Records, featured in Kevin Press' book "Moderns Volume 2 (dedicated to the world’s currently active, avant-garde artists), Remhex Coyles EP shows a more structured melodic side of Knocks' electronic repertoire.

The tracks are listener and dance floor ready, and spotlight Oberman's attention to every

immense detail of this expansive album.

This five track EP will be released in vinyl, digital, and streaming formats on July 5. Grab a copy and be prepared to hear patterns and sounds you've never heard before. Perfect for a space out session or quick drop into a vigorous DJ set.

Unfortunately there are no available previews of the upcoming release anywhere on the web, but if you are unfamiliar with Knocks' work, check out the song below from one of his previous releases on Aperture Records called "Quephan", off of the Wrecque Byte Quarters EP: