Over-X-Posure Records

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

There are great labels out there, many of them! But out of those, there are these certain ones that seem to bring in a very standout and unique approach that is captivating, enriching and mysterious at the same time. One of them is the infamous, but unfortunately defunct, German imprint Over-X-Posure.

As a sub-label to the mighty Overdrive imprint, founded in 1989 by Andreas Düx, Over-X-Posure promised to fill the gap between Breaks, Electro Bass music and the fading B-Boy scene, by showing the incredibly strong similarities both sounds have in their spirit for old school Hip Hop and the culture behind the 4 elements.

Starting things off in 1995, Over-X-Posure began its journey with the release of "Electrik Journey" by Intelligent Concept, a project by Dietmar Hess and Marko Kranjcevic. This powerful dark Electro Breaks jam began to fuse the different evolutions of the Electro sound into one, featuring samples, devastating 808 beats, and raw, funky, B-Boy inspired analog productions and compositions that would in all encompass the general sound we would begin to hear from this label as the years would continue.

Over the rest of the 90's, and into the mid 2000's, Over-X-Posure would bring the world many amazing releases by never-before heard artists like Readagain P. and Keen K., Mystery Man, and Superlauncher, also signing Overdrive rising star R. Damski (Acoustic Nature, Don't Stop The Rock), as well as Bombing F. (NOW! Records); even releasing a title by Mr. Andy Düx himself, in time shaping the label into a legendary powerhouse in its own right, with classic releases that could make a vinyl junkie go cross-eyed just finding one of these beauties back in the day.

However, in what may have been seen as tremendous success for the imprint over the years, it always remained heavily underground, and quite mysterious in many ways; even while in the middle of a renaissance for Electro Breaks music. "At the time it probably kept more underground than other labels of the early "New School Electro" era", comments Matthias Weise, founder of the German powerhouse Dominance Electricity. "Because it wasn't connected to a well known act like it was the case with Psi49Net, Breakin' Records or Direct Beat, etc, so it remained more of an insider."

Despite that however, the influence of such a label, even more than 20 years later, is undeniable. Over-X-Posure fans the world over, still play many of their releases in their mixes and live DJ sets, and love to publicly voice their support for an imprint they believe to be one of the best that has ever come around the Electro scene.

Having had such a strong foundation based on soulful Hip Hop themes, visionary enough to see how this was all evolving into the worldwide Rave scene leading to the resurgence for Electro Funk and B-Boy music, Over-X-Posure not only innovated our music, but also reminded us of something we should never forget: the spirit of the 4 elements of Hip Hop! A movement born out of the streets, to empower the people with the arts and culture, in a world manufactured to oppress the very thing that makes us who we are. Keep the vibe alive and don't stop the rock!


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