Pablo Splice - Do The Work

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Side project of Canadian electronic composer and producer Pete Grove, Pablo Splice alter ego engages full thrust into the Electro core with this new adventure featuring contributions from none other than Fleck ESC, Jay Tripwire, and legendary G-Man (Gez Varley of LFO).

Opening things up, you'll find Pablo Splice's original tunes, the high-energy workout action of songs like "Psionic" and "Do The Work"; filled with stomping 909 styled beats, and frantic and relentless sequencing, as well as the more obscure, mysterious and slightly menacing vibes of "2 The 9's". This tune has tons of nostalgic vibes for me from the mid-2000's Electro sound, which I always felt had been often filled with a bit of a redundant theme of robots, but also had a truly unique sound back then that we haven't really heard since. The song to me really delivers without feeling as if it's rehashing something old though. Stays fresh and focused!

Moving on, there are the remixes of course, which we must talk about, and which I must also say are quite stellar on this release. Kicking off remix duties, iconic French Electro artist Fleck ESC delivers a twisted take on my favorite tune on this release, "2 The 9's", injecting his rework with a punishing mechanoid attitude that screeches and squelches as the malevolent, eerie energies permeate throughout.

Jay Tripwire's remix of "Psionic" coming next is a 4x4 journey of droning frequencies and tightly syncopated drum elements that keep the rhythms fresh and interesting. Thoughtful stabs meet swirling segways, as they create a tripped out, almost dubby atmosphere that gives this song a very unique character.

Lastly, G-Man of LFO fame, takes the stage and concludes the release with a wonderful remix of the title song. Here, what we find is another 4x4 jam that takes control of the tempos and rhythms with a pulsing hypnotic nature, bathed in the signature sound of the iconic artist.

"Do The Work" by Pablo Splice is out now via the artist's Bandcamp page, so make sure to grab a copy. This one will be worth every penny, and has enough variety to rock the dancefloors from beginning to end. Highly recommended!


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