Pathic Drops "Rebirth EP", First Vinyl Release Since Original Debut

John Cranmer aka Pathic © Pyramid Transmissions

Pyramid Transmissions co-founder and long time partner of UK Electro purveyor ADJ, has remained somewhat quiet over the last several years, putting out a few new tracks here and there, but overall perhaps refocusing and in some ways letting the dust settle after so many changes in the scene and global music markets since he first began his passionate Electro adventure nearly 20 years ago on Pyramid Transmissions.

Returning with his first vinyl EP since the birth of the label and his original debut as Pathic, Rebirth E.P. continues the forward-thinking, soulful music we have come to love from the artist, delivering with crisp production, a record that both energizes the body with funky Electro rhythms, as it inspires and rejuvenates the spirit with alluring vibes that have always been such a strong signature mark for the artist.

Rebirth E.P. is available now through the Pyramid Transmissions Bandcamp, or via Juno Records and others.

You can preview the new release below: