Paul Blackford Releases "Perspectives" Album Today: Listen

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

UK Electro legend Paul Blackford © Paul Blackford official/Facebook

Paul Blackford is back in the studio and getting busy as of late cranking out new tunes, today releasing a new album called "Perspectives". This cassette and digital album features 8 new songs, which if bought directly from Bandcamp also offers a really nice incentive of including many of the stems from each of the tunes for remixing purposes. Nice touch!

This new material you will find on "Perspectives" reflects on Blackford's lean in recent years to slow things down a bit, which is a little ironic given his Electro Bass style had always featured one of the fastest BPM's in the scene. Musically however, you are treated to a real genius that in some ways doesn't shine through the same in his more contemporary Electro sound as it does with these downtempo tunes: thoughtful, charming, and deeply emotive vibes, that somehow stay just shy enough away from sounding gloomy or dark, so as to deliver an energy with his music that is simply a creative, profound, and enriching listening experience. Great songs for the weekend hanging out or those meditative late nights!

Paul Blackford - Perspectives (2019) © Paul Blackford/Bandcamp

"Perspectives" is available now through the artist's Bandcamp, which as mentioned before includes stems to the different songs for remixing, and can also be found on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Highly recommended new material from Paul Blackford!

Listen to the full album below: