Paul Blackford - The Electro Collection

Paul Blackford is back once again, but this time he will take you on a very personal journey. This isn't new material for you to feast over; although there is some of that out already, and plenty more in the horizon. Here, you will be treated to every track recorded by the artist since 2002; one year before his infamous debut on the iconic Breakin' Records with "1991", all the way to 2013. 75 tracks in total, displaying the kind of broad musical talent this UK artist has to offer.

From the sped up rhythms that almost borderline on Drum and Bass, to his evolution as an artist into the more classic sounds of Electro; even his latest Downtempo works on Japanese imprint Anti-Gravity Device, Paul Blackford is someone who is maturing gracefully and shows us more and more that he is not bound by genrefication, and that he has an uncanny ability of taking you to places only he can sonically take you to.

In this rather immense collection, what we will be focused on is Paul Blackford's origins. As the UK pioneer of the UK Techno Bass sound, his approach in his earlier career was very unique, high energy, and quite rhythmic. Sped up tempos that as mentioned earlier showed an inclination towards DnB, coupled with the Rave era nostalgic vibes that resonated so profoundly through these tunes, took you back to a time when music had a very organic, forward -thinking, but soulful, mature and slightly playful energy that was so genuine and sadly rare these days.

For me personally, some of my favorites found in this collection are of course "1991"; his infamous debut on Breakin', as well as tunes like "Fallout", and "3 Mile Island". All club powerhouses, and a fine example of the mighty works that catapulted this British artist to international recognition and that you will find here in this immediate download. But what we have here is 75 songs folks, impossible to talk about in on sitting, all available for the incredibly low price of £15 Pounds, or $21 US dollars. A steal for what is nearly 5 hours of Electric madness from one of the most sought after artists in the scene. Don't miss on this one! Highly recommended by Electric Kingdom Magazine.


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