Paul Hierophant - Utopian Dystopias (Part Three)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Paul Mackie, otherwise known as Paul Hierophant of mighty UK imprint Hierophant Records, returns once again to another label that has served as another homebase for much of the artists' work over the years, this time publishing the 3rd part in the mesmerizing "Utopian Dystopias" series on Exalt Records, as a 2x12" vinyl and digital release.

This new collection of finely produced Electro tunes, is a decadent trip into a vast ocean of raw, acidic, and shrewd electronic adventures that will fill you with mystery and curiosity, as you traverse a spectrum of sonic artistry that will keep you grooving from start to finish.

An influence that comes to mind almost instantly when listening to this new record, is Plastikman. The work of legendary Richie Hawtin; easily one of the most devoted and successful of all the Electronic Music artists of the 90's, whose soulful, captivating, and boundary pushing compositions inspired a new generation. Here, you can hear his influence permeate through songs like the title track, not to mention jams like "Returned Signal - Saturn to Prometheus", and "Voices from the Diaspora". Fans of squelchy acid lines, warm and groovy basslines, and bass-heavy analog beats that pound with hypnotizing rhythms, will love these tunes and appreciate the originality that Paul Hierophant is able to retain throughout these productions.

Other songs on this record, like "The Grey" and "Neptunes Oceans: Beneath the Ice", are fierce dancefloor hitters that at times remind me of some of Drexciya's more aggressive and mysterious songs, taking charge with frightful bass tones, and devious pitch changes that welcome you to the underworld of Paul Hierophant's darker and edgier side.

Paul Hierophant - Utopian Dystopias (Part Three) | 2020 © Exalt Records

Included in this 2xLP and digital release are also two remixes; one by Electro icon Carl Finlow, who delivers an amalgam of alluring melodies and textures, then there's UK up and coming artist Plant43 (Cultivated Electronics), who also offers a very unique take on the original concept, and one that you should definitely check out! A beautiful journey in itself.

Paul Hierophant's "Utopian Dystopias - Part Three" releases December 4th, 2020 via the Exalt Records Bandcamp, or wherever you buy digital and/or music on vinyl. You can get your pre-orders in for the 2xLP now before copies run out, and you can do so directly from the label.

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