Plastic Ivy - Spots of Time

Kraftjerkz continues to show versatility with their new installment by Philadephia-based electronic artist Plastic Ivy; solo project of Lira Marie Landes, whom you may have heard previously on the album "Glass Horizon" on Noir Age Records back in 2018.

Returning in 2020 with "Spots of Time", this new endeavor by Plastic Ivy is a refined trip back in time to the early 80's, where heavy influences of albums like Depeche Mode's "Speak & Spell" seep through the cracks from all over this fantastic Electro Pop concoction of emotive, obscure, and at the same time retro-futuristic tunes.

A few of the real gems on this album are "Ode: In Advance of Loss", "Too Deep for Tears", and "There I'll Be", all bathed in rich analog tones, raw and emotive throughout, yet at the same time slightly edgy but without compromising that classic Synth Pop sound. The rest of the album, while in a similar vein to the rest, does not fail the listener as it pulls you in with a sense of sadness and curiosity, warm and saturated with some seriously ear-pleasing frequencies.

Plastic Ivy - Spots of Time (2020) © Kraftjerkz

Plastic Ivy's "Spots of Time" was released on vinyl and digital formats on the 18th of September, and can be purchased directly still from the Kraftjerkz Bandcamp page. The record is also available through Juno,, Clone, as well as the Halcyon shop, along others. Limited copies on wax, so make sure to rush on this!

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