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Primarily the brainchild of Jonas Lund aka Kretz, long-time veteran of the underground with past projects on labels like Plump House, Sub-Stance, and Mo' Wax, also releasing under the monikers Anode and Rex 42, Plonk Recordings is a product of the many years Jonas has spent in the music industry; especially as an analog synth enthusiast with a deep passion for soulful and conscious Machine Pop! But Plonk is not a typical label, it is a collective of artists operating under one platform with full independence over their own work and how it is released. As Lund explains: "The reason we started Plonk is because we wanted to collaborate with like-minded electronic musicians".

While the collective's music might seem like pure homage to the influences of Kraftwerk, there is something very unique, forward thinking and deeper that is being said throughout the label's growing catalog; and it is anything but formulaic or copywork. It is conscious music in an heavily artistic aesthetic that will take you on a profound yet playful journey that experiments with passion and enthusiasm, all of the different sub-styles of Electro music. Familiar, yet very original and on the cutting edge, wrapped in this very rebellious sort of motif that presents the label in a very colorful way. "It is kind of obvious that we are a label that wants to carry on the legacy of sound that came out of Düsseldorf and the Kling Klang studio," says Lund. "None of us wants to be Kraftwerk however, we strongly believe that they created a sound which must be continued and modernized."

He goes on to explain that: "Our philosophy is that we believe that genres like ”Electro” or ”Electro pop” have been too exploited by major corporates (they can have the title, we like to carry on with the music), so we decided to created our own genre called 'Machine Pop'. Machine Pop describes Plonk very well. Another typical Plonk philosophy is that 'One cannot conquer the world alone'. Therefore we love to network inside and outside Plonk to keep the scene alive, the music is all that matters! The topic of every release is up to each artist. Some of us release tracks with technologic or futuristic messages, and others choose topics of a more socially critical feel to it".

Starting off with Deutsche Bank, who signed two titles for the label's humble starts back during the beginning of 2014, with "Autopop" and "Transmission", the label would open up the floodgates to many more releases that have come since, most notably perhaps Elektroklange's "Hello World", as well as Kretz's "Gemeinschafts Informationen", which would see itself remixed by many of the label's members, as well as the infamous Luke Eargoggle, Jonteknik (jonteknikmusic), Psilodump (476 Records), Swedish veteran Hakan Libdo, Modulation (Epidrome), not to mention label newcomers Neon Electro, and Zorg Industries.

Featuring other artists who are making their name on the label like Maschine Brennt, and DATAPOP, Plonk also brought in Spanish producer Pi-Xl, along with Tobitron, Sector One, Silicon Machines, Unisonlab, and Mononot; and of course Jonas' exciting new project Kretz for the stellar "We Are Machine Pop" compilation. A digital pack featuring 10 songs that greatly display the kind of genuine and forward thinking music we have been getting from this imprint over the past few years.

More recently, the label released the avant garde "Machine Pop Pro Populus" by Kretz, a soothing, conscious, and soulful downtempo journey featuring the enigmatic "Your Mind Is Not Just A thinking Machine"; the stand-out song in the EP, and the only one with upbeat tempos, where the uncanny compositions elevate mind and body to a whole new level of being; really worth checking it out! Most recent we have seen the single "Toten Die Seele"; where Kretz once again brings in the classy, emotive and abstract elements of his own making to rejuvenate you with highly-charged particles of sonic delicassy.

As for the future, more releases will always be coming, as these guys are highly productive, and really like to have fun with what they are doing. Lund also says that: "Anyone who thinks they have the Plonk sound on their hard drive is welcome to present it to us. We have video conferences almost every week when we listen to tracks, talk strategies, so drop us a message on Facebook or through our web We love to collaborate and network!." For now, check out the label's Bandcamp page and support, you will not regret even one second spent listening to the incredible music Plonk and its artists have to offer.

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