Polymer/Kid Ginseng - Arrester/Underwater 084

Lost Soul Enterprises returns on the heels of its previous debut by New York artist Heidi Sabertooth, with a new vinyl cut from Polymer (Neud Photo) and US Kraftjerkz label boss Kid Ginseng. This record is exciting to me personally for a couple reasons: not only is it a well-crafted contemporary take on retro-futuristic Electro music, but it also highlights that truly within the heart and soul of New York City lies an undercurrent of artists devoted to pushing the envelope of the sound.

Once the birthplace of American Electro Funk, and then subsequently that of the American Rave scene, the city was sadly at some point "bled out" of a lot of its artistic influence after the deadly attacks of 9/11, and the following political struggles that in many ways targeted the city's club scene and its supporting artists, leaving many to wonder for some time if New York would ever shine once again as a beacon of innovative Electronic music. Here to show you in full effect that NYC is back and that in reality its spirit never left, showing that Detroit and Miami are no longer the two exclusive hubs of fine Electro music, is this split EP by New York imprint Lost Soul Enterprises featuring 5 classic tunes to make your body groove. Let's go!

Polymer begins the sonic assault with "Arrester". A purely Detroit influenced song clearly representing the legacy of artists like Dopplereffekt, stomping with that classic 4x4 Electro/Techno gallop. Suspenseful pads that will haunt your dreams glisten on top of the rhythms as alluring stabs introduce a melancholic, gloomy melody while sharp, cold and desolate machine-like arps and sequences weave in and out. Masterpiece! I love this tune.

Following next, "Mov_Type" is a beautiful Electro cut combining some of the strongest elements of our music, delivering what to me carries nostalgic Electro Funk vibes from the 80's; with warm vintage pads that reflect character and a bit of shyness thanks to a little portamento, with a subtle Detroit feel reminding me a bit of Drexciya or Dopplereffekt. Dope!

Next up, the one and only Kid Ginseng drops "Underwater 084"; a playful, soothing jam made up of glitches and pads that pierce through your mind with ease as the crisp beats gallop along with sonic determination. An innovative song that borrows from the future, while staying grounded in subtle feelgood melodies to keep the soul alive.

Moving along, the next cut by the Kraftjerkz mastermind is "Fractal Detroit 011". B-boys and B-girls report!!! This body poppin' tune is a fierce production of razor sharp drones and tones, as bleeps and beeps gallore take over the floor with shrewd rhythms. This is NYC breakin' in the new millenium folks!

Lastly Kid Ginseng provides a nice battle tool for those DJ's that know what I am talking about, with a bonus beats version of the previous track. A nice way to sample on top of your mixes a little later or earlier than playing the original to get the crowds prepared or reminded of the killer beats dropping on the dancefloor.

Great record by Polymer and Kid Ginseng, and a wonderful outing by NYC Lost Soul Enterprises. It's truly great to see this incredible and highly influential city once again in the middle of the ongoing Electro revival that with it along its side, should prove noteworthy this time around. Support the underground, and purchase a copy via Clone, or the Halcyon record shop.

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