Radioactive Man Releases "Doors To Manual" 4xLP Vinyl Album Featuring Early Remastered Classics

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man © Discogs

Radioactive Man aka Keith Tenniswood, one of the true icons of the third wave of Electro music, is busy as ever in the studio these days, between mastering projects for different artists like strong newcomer Kilig and his debut "Cry EP" on Null+Void, and of course some of his own brew of Electronic madness under his legendary moniker like his latest release; something quite special indeed!

Radioactive Man's "Doors To Manual" colored vinyl 4xLP is a true testament to the genius behind his music. The daring rhythms and programming, while injecting each and every song with a fairly strong aura of emotive mystique, somehow delivered in this very subtle, soothing way that flows right through you and affects you deep down while keeping it groovy as hell!

Songs like "Gugs", and "Flying Fuck", are perfect examples of the more upbeat, fun side of the artist, while some of that more mysterious depth comes out in tunes such as "Airlock" and "Uranium". If you want some seriously tough, wicked, in-your-face UK Electro, you'll dig "Strong Booze", and "Sight and Sound". Best part is? Most of this is remastered material from his earliest releases like "Uranium EP", "Dive and Lie Wrecked", and "Growl", which are in high demand online, and as Tenniswood himself states: "Fetching fairly silly prices on Discogs (too many sharks!)".

Other tunes you will find here had never made it unto vinyl in the first place, so this is quite a treat indeed!

Radioactive Man - Doors To Manual (2019) © Asking For Trouble

You can buy "Doors To Manual", available now, direct from the artist's Bandcamp page. Please note this is a vinyl-only release, though it does seem perhaps you do get that free download via Bandcamp, but only if you purchase the vinyl. Regardless, this is quite a collection of songs that are serious rarities at this point, and from one of the true pioneers of the Third Wave of Electro, so don't miss on this one! Highly recommended by Electric Kingdom.

Also, stay tuned, as Radioactive Man says he is quite busy working on a brand new album, so we will have more news on that later on!

Listen to previews of the new album below: