Remora - Easy Rider

Kraftjerkz label is back once again, this time with a follow up by one of its most prized artists, Remora, and the new vinyl EP "Easy Rider".

Having enjoyed great success with the "Death of Caligula EP", fans of the Yugoslavian/NYC-based artist had been waiting for new material since March of last year, and here it is!

At first, listening to this classy, soulful, and vibrant 5 tracker on wax at least to me, seems to display a different approach from some of the more obscure, rather cold material I have heard from Remora in the past, so I think you'll agree this new record is rather special. Let's dive right in and see what else we find!

Songs like the title track, the beginning of this EP, offer a decadent array of synths that soothe and somehow bite at the same time, driven by 4x4 beats and an elegant bassline to top things off and leading the listening experience to "Turbo Encabulator". A similar tune to the previous, but this one based off of crisp broken Electro beats, and featuring a bit more sequencing to it, crafted to be a bit gleamy, and flowing back and forth like the waves in the ocean.

On the flip side, things get back to the Remora we are used to. The kick off track on side B, "Bitter Night", is a spooky, 4x4 jam that follows a slower tempo, bouncing at just the right speed and luring you in along this dark alley with suspenseful stabs and bizarre sound effects reminiscent of space bugs (whatever that may be), and a desolate, menacing bassline.

The next song, "Green Sea", follows in the same vein as the previous, a little less haunting, yet still devious somehow and with a futuristic funk attitude that will remind you a bit of Juan Atkins or his work as Cybotron perhaps. But it's in the final song, ""You Travel By Plane Often", where both sides of the spectrum found on this EP collide. Hints of soothing synths creep in, lifting your spirits while the bassline and 4x4 beat keep you wrapped up in some of this darkness that in listening deeper to this record, we inevitably dive into.

Overall I think this is one of Remora's most solid releases to date without question! "Easy Rider" is out now on vinyl through Juno Records, Red Eye, and Expect digital to also follow in the next month or so. Support and grab a copy!


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