Remora - Symbiotic

US based imprint Kraftjerkz returns with another classic 12" cut, this time from New York artist Remora; the works of Maroje T., who delivers here with this 4-tracker called "Symbiotic", a profound journey through the different styles our scene has to offer. From strong influences of Detroit Electro Techno, to the B-Boy styles of Electro Funk and that space in between where things get real deep and abstract. Let's go!

"Untamed Fauna" begins the 12" with a 4x4 Detroit inspired jam, driven by a warm, subtle analog step sequence that is soon met by a ferocious bassline that filters in and out a bit with a delicate sweep. The melodies here are slightly gripping in a mysterious fashion that is almost cold and lonely at the same time, reminding me a little bit of A Credible Eye Witness; who we just recently reviewed as well.

Next up, the wonder of "Undertow" comes in, playful, with what sound like Japanese melodic elements and an acid sequence that keeps the frequencies in lock. Melancholic, spellbinding synths decorate the background adding a beautiful vibe to the whole song. Perhaps my favorite!

Next up, Remora sticks to the eclectic Electro Bass sounds with "Two Compressors One Delay", getting a bit more frantic here, but still delivering these sequences that bubble with a warmth and mystique that really grabs you deep within. It has to be said that Remora's music is highly emotive and intelligent, but innovative and futuristic in a way that is continuously interesting; always challenging the mind a bit. His works remind me a bit of Wild Planet as well from the 430 West days, perhaps you have heard of him before.

Lastly, the vinyl concludes this amazing EP with "Network Of Cracks". This slightly Breakbeat oriented tune has such a charming composition of melodies, textured just the right way so as to be a little edgy, yet still soothing to the ear. The Hi Hat work here, the way it's filtered as the bassline comes in and drops the track into the break really gets you moving as the grimy beats step with rhythm and determination. Top tune!

Highly recommended EP from an equally highly recommended label that promotes Electro music in all its variations with class and a keen sense for what makes this music special and stand apart from the rest. Remora, already one of my favorites, is an artist to look for. Eclectic in his compositions, intelligent in his programming, and driven by a radiant, profound, elegant vibe that makes him truly unique. A must have!


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