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Reptant Drops "New Advancements In Lizard Tech" on Craigie Knowes

Reppy wuz here! ;) © Reptant official/Facebook

We're glad to hear from our reptilicious friend Reptant. Every time he releases new lizard tunes, we never know when the next time will be. If you haven't heard Reptant's story, it is quite a gnarly tale. According to legend, Reptant, or as his friends call him "Reppy T", was washed down a storm drain where he found himself all alone and nearly dead. Luckily, he was able to make it to safety near the basement of a local club where he gained an appreciation for underground Electro. In the coming years, he would gather together a studio one circuit at a time from mysterious underground networks until he had enough to start making music.

His latest release is coming out on July 1st and is on Craigie Knowes, who say they had to bring in experts to extract the album off of Reptant's lizard sized CDR; one of his lizardy inventions he Soldered together in the deep dark recesses of the Australian sewers.

Although the tunes were made on gear small enough a lizard's claw could tweak the knobs and keys, the sounds are expansive and highlight some of the best trends in Electro music today. A1, "Lizard Theme" for example, brings an upbeat vibe that keeps the ear engaged to the very end with its scratch effects and UFO'nic sounds. Side B really picks up the energy with two brutal acid Electro cuts, "The Raid" and "Transcendence from the Outersphere." Who knew a lizard could drop this much bass!

Reptant's "New Advancements in Lizard Tech" is out now on vinyl. Find it on Amazon Music and other online music shops, including Juno.

Here are some samples to get a taste of what this highly advanced lizard is up to: