Rico Casazza's Collaboration with CPSL is an Intimate Exploration of Online Musical Relationships

Updated: May 7

Left to right: Techno and Electro producer Rico Casazza and CPSL © Rico Casazza official, CPSL official/Facebook

London-based Electro and Techno artist Rico Casazza is known the world over for his refined yet explorative style of soulful Electronic Music. With tunes that have been released on outfits such as Dionysian Mysteries and Furthur Electronix in more recent years, yet spanning all the way back to 2007 with titles on labels such as Berlin-based Tuning Spork or Belgian Bonzai Elemental for example, his contributions and experience in the world of Electronic Music are unmatched in his own right, and he simply continues to evolve year after year.

Recently working with Moscow-based female composer and producer CPSL; the work of Maria Veretennikova, whose works can be found on a plethora of digital self-releases that were published over the later part of the last decade, not to mention titles on labels such as Musaique, Sakura, and Get Busy, Rico Casazza presents a new collaborative opus called "Higher Form", that will dive deep into an exploration of online connections, and the product - especially artistically - that can come from these otherwise impossible meetings between people who can connect in ways never thought of before, thanks to the advancements in communication technology.

Throughout this warm, seductive, and deeply mystifying EP, you'll find a blend of reflective Breakbeats and classic Electro rhythms, mixed with abstract psychedelic effects and sound design, some nice touches of the never-uninvited 303 along the way, and a plethora of lush synths that envelope around each and every one of these masterful tracks like a soft billowing smoke. 3 of the tunes you'll find here are remixes by Bolam, Weith (Touched Music), and Detach (Subtribe, Breakbox Records), so there is a nice balance of versatility and originality throughout to keep things interesting.

"Higher Form" by Rico Casazza and CPSL was released on April 1st, 2021 via Dionysian Mysteries as a digital title, and it can be found via the label's Bandcamp page, or retailers such as Juno Download and Beatport. An absolute timeless release that we highly recommend you grab!

Listen to "Higher Form" by Rico Casazza and CPSL: