Riuozami - Geometric Shapes

Italian imprint Urban Distortions returns once again, this time with an alluring new album by Riuozami called "Geometric Shapes". This one is great for many reasons, primarily, at least in my view, because it takes us back to a very special time when music had so much depth and character. Worlds you could literally lose yourself in. Maybe that's for us old fogies who live in the past, but perhaps even younger generations can agree that music in general even in the underground in this new millenium is often less than spectacular.

Now this isn't always completely true, and our scene is perhaps one of the more immune to this kind of degradation, but regardless we live in harder times, and such that with the over saturation of the digital market there is a level of anxiety in trying to find authentic underground music that is in many ways troubling to say the least. Thankfully, there are entities like us here at Electric Kingdom, who have their finger on the pulse of what's new and what's good, and this one on Urban Distortions leaves us with plenty to talk about. Let's go!

Riuozami begins the album with "Space Probe Taurus", an enigmatic throwback to 90's Techno, a bit like Thomas Heckmann in my opinion. Drones persist here as sampled vocals chatter away inviting you into this spellbinding world where drum elements reverberate and clash into the boundaries of a soundscape here that feels a bit like being inside a cold cave, where you want to go in deeper and deeper and explore.

Next up, "Geometric Modernism" drops some Acid and invites you into an intriguing, luminous place full of suspenseful synths that sweep in every so often, while intelligent, creepy effects attack you from side to side like persistent space bugs.

Moving along, "Robotic Behavior" offers a beautiful array of melodic compositions, rather gloomy and mysterious, while otherworldly sequences float on by like fading alarm tones. The beats here start to stomp the ground a bit more determined and preparing you for the upcoming assault.

"Shape 1" indeed, begins the menace, still carrying a bit of Acid funk, but introducing harsh bass beats that while slower in tempos still, start to create a tune that reminds me a bit of Anthony Rother or his comrade Boris Divider for some reason. Still with a bit of a 4x4 Techno thump, but clearly aiming at gearing into Electro Bass overdrive.

Perhaps here with "Counterbalance", we can begin to move our bodies with a bit more freedom, as tribal beats roll along like an earthquake rattling your world. No lack of harsh acidic tones, and spacey sounds that have so much character. Love the machines Riuozami uses, analog yes in many ways, but with enough digital balance to add lots of personality.

Die-hard lovers of the true Electro Bass style will appreciate the production found in "Transition", which begins to morph the album a bit, drawing you in with majestic synth melodies, as sweeps seem to suck the air out of your surroundings as they shoot across the stereo field. An ingenious tune, rhythmic, with a proper dose of the 808, but with a slightly nostalgic vibe. A bit like some of Radioactive Man's material.

Lastly, two alternate versions of "Geometric Modernism", as well as "Shape 1" are offered, giving you slightly different mixes that are great for your DJ sets. Think...sampling! Old school DJ's know what I am talking about!

Highly recommended album. A creative journey to times when Electronic Music in general had tons of depth and vision compared to today's mostly watered down attempts at keeping the vibe alive. Here in the Electro scene, we just do what we do because we know and truly care, and Urban Distortions is an entity dedicated to this cause. That's not mentioning the talent and history behind Riuozami, which alone speaks for itself. Support below, and purchase this limited edition CD now.


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