Robert Cosmic - Superstellar

Robert Cosmic, label head over at Mars Frequency Records, released a new record called "Superstellar" this past September. Featuring 4 brand new tunes, this new outing by an artist that can already be called a veteran of the scene, sees his vibrant, high-energy sound return to his popular imprint, for an ode to interstellar travel; the final frontier some say.

Starting out, Robert Cosmic's "Gravity Assist", seems like a song highly influenced by fellow comrades Sbles3plex, reminding the listener perhaps of past releases like "We Are Transmitting"; off of the "Remember The Future" EP on Djax Up Beats. Dark, ominous, but with that alluring urban mystique typically found in some of the more obscure Electro Funk records from the 80's.

"Space Travelers" on the contrary, speeds everything up as you enter warp speed and head for interstellar space, greeting you with suspenseful vibes as precise programming weaves into a frantic dancefloor powerhouse. "Human Evolution" continues some of that intensity, as well as a similar vibe and Sci-Fi aesthetic, but introduces thoughtful vocal samples, and a warm, squelchy hypnotic melody that works tightly with the rhythm to create this really playful feel that keeps you hooked throughout.

Lastly, the song "Gargantuka" brings you down for a perfect descent as dreamy pads float above mischievous sequences that make their appearance little by little, as if not wanting to reveal too much too soon. Like all of Robert Cosmic's music; rhythmic and full expressive melancholy, this tune still carries enough weight to make it a must for your next set, even if a bit more on the mellow side.

"Superstellar" by Robert Cosmic was released September 10th, 2021, and can be found via the Mars Frequency Records Bandcamp on digital formats.


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