Robertiano Filigrano - Forschungsstation F2

Robertiano Filigrano returns with his first full-fledged release in nearly 2 years, full of his signature punishing, brooding, suspenseful style of Electro Bass music.

This time appearing on German powerhouse Battery Park Studio with "Forschungsstation F2", the German Electro artist is accompanied by comrades Kretz, Jauzas The shining, Thomas Kress, Maschine Brennt, Komarken Electronics, Workerpoor, Krypton 81, -=UHU=-, and Cybereign, who together rework 3 new songs by Robertiani Filigrano.

Starting off, "Erfassungsapparat", introduces the mysterious, gloomy vibes we came to hear during the artist's last full venture, "Kolossum". Crisp, pounding beats meet creepy vocals as gleaming, yet spooky pads adorn the aggressive sequencing in this tune. The song is in turn remixed by Kretz, Maschine Brennt, and Krypton 81, who infuse the tune with their own unique styles, wedging Maschine Brennt's complex and mystifying programming, between Kretz's Kraftwerkian attitude, and Krypton 81's often cold and shrewd dark Electro vibes.

Next, we have the title track "Forschungsstation F2", which is a powerful Detroit-inspired tune driven by a mechanical bassline, layering spunky, slightly devious stabs, with eerie synths and sequences that create an aura of mystery around this determined dance tune.

This one gets stripped of every element from the original by -=UHU=-, reminding me of some of the great orchestral compositions by Blastromen, whereas Thomas Kress and Jauzas The Shining retain the dancefloor feel by coming in somewhere between Anthony Rother's allure, and Aux 88's often aggressive rhythms, throwing a little 4x4 groove to get you hoppin' along.

Last on this album, "The Walk" is a sinister, floor-pounding tune with Arabian atmospheres and wicked scratch samples, remixed by Komarken Electronics, Cybereign, and Workerpoor, who tame this ferocious beast just a tad, while also injecting it with gloomy, deranged but highly complex and intelligent programming to go along with some of the original parts. Great remixes.

A great comeback for Robertiano Filigrano, who delivers with this new album a carefully executed continuation to his growing career, while allowing some of the best in the Electro scene to give their interpretation on the highly talented German producer's eerie, yet punishing style of Electro Bass music. One thing to really appreciate on this release is the unique aspect of each remix, that carefully takes the listener on a very different journey each time, never drifting too far as to lose since of where it all started. Highly recommended, purchase below!


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