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Robodrum - Jestem Droidem

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

From his nuked out synth bunker in Poland, Robodrum has launched a massive Bass attack on the world via Crobot Muzik with his new six track EP "Jestem Droidem".

The long awaited release by Poland's top droid stays true to the sound Bass heads have come to expect from this Electro heavyweight. The frequencies are intense and focused like a fog lit laser traversing the dancefloor on Robodrum's Crobot Muzik debut.

Dropped this one on the speakers and wrote down some of my first impressions. Let's check it out!

"Jestem Droidem"

First time Robodrum listeners will immediately notice the high intensity beat accompanied by a melange of synth action that is quickly joined by Robodrum's signature freestyling vocoder sound on this first heat seeking missile.


A drifting high hat and DnB'ish bassline propels this self driving train right into a tunnel of Electro Bass goodness you'll not want to exit on the other side.

"Moja Córka Jest Robotem"

Translates into "My Daughter Is A Robot". And you know what they say, the robot doesn't fall far from the sentient mechanical humanoid!

"Przepraszamy Za Usterki"

Yeah, this tune is really good with its frantic pace and distorted bass, accentuated by high pitched slashes and chaotic vocal samples.

Wielki Elektronik

The interplay between a questioning robot and a despotic vocal sample give this track an air of mystery that only builds as minor keys and bleeps are intricately added as the time code digits tic by.

Robodrum & Eightball - Elektro Mafia

As solid as the first track, this sixth offering doesn't let the EP down with its Polish language freestyling by the 8 Ball Electro Mafia. This EP is solid from start to finish!

"Jestem Droidem" is out now on Bandcamp and other digital services. Make sure to grab this long anticipated release by one of Poland's Electro Bass masters, and don't forget to grab some of RD's other releases out there.


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