Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Sbles3plex was originally formed by Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor, and David Farell. The duo got together back in 1995 in the city of Terrasa, a small place in the region of Catalonia not far from Barcelona.

Putting together small home studios with vintage synthesizers and drum machines, Sbles3plex went on to sign to Djax Up Beats, the infamous European Techno label that has released an incredibly vast catalog of Electro and Techno artists. The duo had 3 very successful 12" vinyl releases between 2001-2003, all of which have gone on to become cult classics.

Their first release was an EP titled "Remember The Future", a soulful, hard-hitting club jam with rich syncopations, profound strings, and thought provoking lyrics. The group followed up with two more 12''s, most notable perhaps, the EP "Stop TV Control". Shortly after, the duo split up leaving the future of this great project in question.

In 2005, Arnau got a request from the duo Xerodefx ( Tekmind/Miami ) to remix one of his tracks called "The Virtual Place Is The Future". Knowing that it would not be fair to let Sbles3plex disappear due to artistic differences between the founding members, Arnau sent in a demo to FBI Recordings, a label headed by one of his now long time friends Santino Fernandez aka Morphogenetic. The label was blown away by the work that had been done on the remix, and had coincidentally been quite fond of the original track. Being just one release into their discography as a young label, they saw it fit and wise to bring on this amazing project unto their artist roster.

Later that year, "The Grid E.P." was released and was an international hit, still to this day considered the best release of that year by many, and once again, another cult classic added to the project's growing list of incredible releases. In 2008, N-Ter ( Crobot Musik, Twilight 76 ), also requested to remix "The Virtual Place Is The Future", which was released as a digital single on the Croatian label, Crobot Musik.

Sbles3plex has also had their tracks released on the labels Votox, as well as Electric Kingdom, and one release on CD which was not officially on a label. Interestingly enough, Arnau and David Farell have mended their differences, and have actually published a new album together, changing their sound a bit into a colder and more synthetic approach; also having their songs reworked by many great international artists such as Dynamik Bass system, Umwelt, and dynArec, and releasing it on FBI Recordings as a CD/Digital/Poster set back in August of 2017.

For a duo with such tenacity and talent, it's great to know internal differences can be set aside for the greater good of the music. Sbles3plex, with a rather short discography, have made an impact around the world that is still being felt today, and will only continue to grow with the release of this new album, and the evolution of not just their music, but also them personally and as artists. Stay tuned, much more to come!


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