Scape One Announces Digital Release of "Chaotic Solitude", Set to Include Bonus Material

Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One © Scape One/Bandcamp

Scape One, long-time veteran of the Electro sound on countless labels and releases over the last nearly 20 years, has been keeping quite busy as of late, not just putting a lot of time and effort into his Electronica solo project as Kurt Baggaley, but also compiling and self-releasing all of his previous works; many which were vinyl exclusive, on digital format via his Bandcamp page.

Last seen with new material as Scape One on the unique endeavor that was the "Electric Eclectics" boxset and his EP "Chaotic Solitude", Scape One recently took to social media to announce the release of the digital version of the EP through his Bandcamp, including some bonus material in the form of two alternate mixes, and also two previously unheard songs.

With "Chaotic Solitude", Scape One takes us on an expansive journey through his more melodic, soothing, and spaced out sounds, reminiscent of titles such as Stellar Remnants; published back in 2010 on Militant Science, alluring the listener with profound, at times playful vibes that will permeate through your entire system. Releases drops April 20th.

Listen to the full upcoming album below: