SID 6581 - Data Waste

Misión: 115, the Mexican imprint founded by Electro purveyor G13ck (Bass Agenda, Anti-Zero, Fundamental Bass Intelligence); parent company to the almighty sub-label Aztlán, returns once again with a fierce debut title by SID 6581 called "Data Waste".

This 8 song album is very unique for this day in age however; though not very surprising given the rising interest in analog, in that it has been published in cassette format, retaining all that warm analog goodness we all love from authentic Electronic music.

Starting off, frantic "DW 010" is a fierce production of haunting pads and effects that sputter around as the sequences drive forward like relentless binary operations. "DW 020" on the other hand, slows down a bit and gets funky with slightly playful cybernetic decodings that are met by bizarre pads and modulating sounds that sound as if being welcomed by space bugs into some strange place; perhaps a simulation of sorts.

DW 030 moving forward sequesters you into a menacing digital world where runaway programs invade your senses with captivating programming, creepy computer vocals, and crunchy shrewd beats that groove along circuit-like highways. DW 040 maintains a similar pattern, a bit more sinister, cold, and desolate, with drones that hypnotize your mind, as an aggressive bassline keeps you moving.

Next up, DW 050 gets into the 4x4 Techno grooves with hints of Kraftwerkian vibes, as lazers shoot about behind intelligent sequences that challenge the computative mind. DW 060 on the other hand, rolls right back into the Electro Bass menace with bouncing rhythms, crafted carefully while looking for that perfect beat, decorated by sumptuous pads atop as if PCB being poured unto a fresh circuit board where new life will flow; alternating with the current in the ebb and flow of energy.

Nearing towards the end, DW 070 slows things down a bit, and allows the anxious energies to dissipate, as mesmerizing arps swirl around you like brand new equations forming into being.

DW 080 ends this magnificent ride with a jam carrying a bit more attitude, speeding things up once again and reminding you this place is rather unfriendly territory. Deranged robotic vocals enter the game again, met by small bits that groove around behind the scenes. Overall a very complex tune, with a great deal of mystique to it! One of my favorites.

Highly recommended album by an artist that clearly understands the depth of Electro music, delivering with "Data Waste" what we hope will be one of many more to come! Support and purchase your copy below.

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