Sigma Algebra Set to Drop New EP in July on Diffuse Reality, Shares Song "Omicron": Listen

Sigma Algebra deep in the mix! © Orgasmus Underground/Discogs

Sigma Algebra is the project of Spanish Electro composer and producer Eduardo Jiménez. Also a long time DJ in the underground scene in his country, his passion for Electro, Techno and IDM are evident in his mixes, and even more so in his productions. Complex, mysterious, and intelligent Electro music for those who like to dive deep down the rabbit hole of dark Electro. Over the past several years, Sigma Algebra's tunes have made it to popular labels such as Elektrodos, Digital Distortions, and most recently, his very own Tensor Norm and his collaboration with UK purveyor of the Electro sound ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions).

Recently, Sigma Algebra also went on to sign to Slovenian Diffuse Reality Records, where he awaits the release of his next EP this coming July, featuring 5 new original songs, as well as remixes by iconic Errorbeauty, and Kamandi. While there are no other previews of the release so far, the label has shared one of the songs on this upcoming record, "Omicron", which if it's any reference as to what we can expect, then this will be an in your face attack of twisted synthetic manipulations, heart-pounding beats, deep mysterious and haunting synth and pads, and an overall sonic flare that will leave you a bit spellbound by the more abstract and somewhat dreadful thoughts some of these gloomy melodies seem to convey.

Sigma Algebra's upcoming EP featuring Errorbeauty and Kamandi on Diffuse Reality, hits the bins July 7th, 2021, so make sure to mark your calendars for that one! This release will be published as a limited CD run, as well as digital formats, so get your pre-orders in via the label's Bandcamp and support directly.

Listen to "Omicron" by Sigma Algebra: