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Silicon Scally - Live @ Scand

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Under his Electro pseudonym Silicon Scally, Carl Finlow has returned to the speaker cones with a release on the UK label Electrix. The double vinyl and digital release features a live set performed at London’s Scand night in late 2017. The release includes eight new tracks that deliver a full force Electro infusion with every measure, tempered with a high dosage of acidic Techno functionality, making this a must have for every Silicon Scally fan and DJ.


A bass drum pulse and high wispy arp pulls us into the inviting bassline on the opening track. Quickly layered with Silicon Scally’s detailed field of rhythm, an acidic sound fills the space, but the effect on the senses is subtle. Chrysonite progresses into a forest of effects and edits, and sets the tone, tempo and mood for this double vinyl and digital release.


The bassline and thin snare set a darker tone on Emeril. A classic 808 drum leads us into a spiraling world of machine sounds. Minor high keys shimmer in the dark undertones of this jewel of an Electro track that crystallizes into a tapestry of sound woven with threads of pure Silicon.


Not slowing down, Candensium pushes forward with spreading arps and edits, purveying a sense of electronic music awareness we don’t hear from all artists. Bass drum, snares and cymbals fill this space with a driving Techno force that will ignite any dance floor. The acidic overtones persist here, and Finlow is just getting warmed up on this third track.


Luminous cymbals lead the ear deeper into the electronic ripple of sound on Forvidium. The track takes a more serious tone with the emergence of the first whole notes on a melancholy synth. Settling in by now, the Electro Rascal begins to work the edits more, giving this track a very live feel.


With deep rumbling drums contrasted with a playful synth, Mordite has a more Silicon Scally sound than the first four tracks. Hints of chaos mixed with supreme electronic order challenge the senses on this fifth tune as an acidic Techno line persists intermingled with innumerable electronic sounds.


Already in a full force Electro frenzy by now, Plugneum will send any observer into a public display of foot tapping, head knotting and booty shaking. Don’t get too self conscious when the person sitting next to you on the bus gives you a look when your limbs are madly tapping to the engrossing bassline. DJ’s be ready to drop Plugneum for a dirty attack on the dance floor.


A deep growl synthesizer pulse punctuates the darkness, while classic Scally high-ascending notes won’t let you forget who is behind the sounds coming through the speakers. A building atmosphere of machine supremacy is accomplished with a prickling wave of atmospheric effects and strobes as the live set nears the end.


A demanding, insistent bassline departs from the sub serenity of Antrium as the last live offering gets underway. Thin synths dissolve in the acidic mixture of Electro and Techno sounds as the album finishes strong with the inventive soundscape of Omegon. As quick as it began, the subs quiet, and we await in anticipation for the next Silicon Scally release.

These tunes, as well as songs from recent releases on Lone Romantic, CPU and Orson can be heard during live Silicon Scally dates scheduled for the remainder of 2018. To get a copy of this digital and vinyl release, check out your favorite digital and vinyl shops. Below is a description of the set in Finlow’s own words.

“I used to use a real 808 back in the ‘90s, but when I moved over to France it was left with its original owner, Ralph Lawson. My equipment was gone almost entirely apart from my Apple Mac, which I used to write ALL of my stuff for about 10 years. Over the last few years I’ve been experimenting with lots of different USB midi controllers and I’ve finally ended up with a few that really allow me to play around in real time with both my audio and midi parts, and I created a setup where I can have full hands on control of two killer plugins, the D16 Group’s Nepheton 808, and Audiorealism’s ABL3 303 emulation.

The main controller I’m using is the Akai APC40mkII which allows me to map a huge amount of knobs to both of those plugins, whilst also giving me mixer faders and pads to trigger drum clips in Ableton Live. Alongside this I also use the Novation LaunchPad Pro to trigger all my bass, keyboard and fx parts. The two units work in really nice harmony with each other and they give me a huge amount of real time control over the live set.”

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