Silicon Scally/Telephasycx! - Cymatics Operator

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Rator Mute Records, Spanish label headed by an artist you may have heard of lately, Nonzero!, and her fabulous outing last year on legendary UK Touchin' Bass label called "Matrix Equation", here returning with her side project duo "Telephasycx!"; along with label partner Vicente Martin, not to mention one of the most iconic of all Electro artists: Silicon Scally aka Carl Finlow.

Presenting "Cymatics Operator", an adventure into the harsh and hostile wastelands where the fierce and tenacious side of these artists is able to fully come through, delivering 6 brand new tunes full of innovative programming, and uncanny production. This one is not for the faint of heart, so beware! This is some seriously dark stuff right here.

Starting things off, Silicon Scally reveals the dark side of his nature, and brings forth something a little different from what you may be used to hearing from him. This fast-paced, frantic sonic ride reminds me a bit more of artists like Soundex Phonetic or Galaxian, perhaps in some ways even Bass Junkie, yet I find myself really enjoying hearing this from one of my all time favorite artists. Change is good, and you can expect that no one can outdo your expectations of change as Mr. Finlow will.

Next up, "Lines of Evidence" falls in line a bit more with the usual style we tend to hear from Silicon Scally. Not that I have ever felt that he makes music that sounds the same, but rather that he has a very signature style, which is a really good thing. A must even! Here, unfriendly, slightly aggressive vibes take over in the form of bewildering sequences and overall programming. One thing that can really be appreciated about this artist is the way he can manifest fairly complex emotive lines out of very abstract textures. Never a dull moment in his music!

Telephasycx! finishes off the A side on this vinyl disc, introducing "Disturbed State", a reflective, alluring song made up of delicate synths, and mind-bending drones. The tempos here are a pretty good speed, and will definitely work well on the dancefloor; especially in those later hours. A very rhythmic tune with very soothing energies.

Flipping the disc over, Silicon Scally takes over the airwaves once again with "Interactions", a song reminding me a bit of Anthony Rother. Devious, shrewd, and to the point. The mechanical beats here meet suspenseful synths full of dark Sci-Fi emotions, and decorated upon with menacing robotic voices that come in subtle but highly present at the same time.

Next up, Finlow leaves us with another interesting tune that is another rarity for his particular style. This here takes me back to the days of E.V.A.C., or even some of Salim Rafiq's earlier works. Absolutely punishing Electro, dark, and tenacious in every way. The beats sound like mechanoids stomping the ground as they move in for the attack, while the song in general, devoid of any emotions, tramples over the crowds.

Lastly, Telephasycx! gets one last chance to shine before concluding this record, bringing in the raw power behind the song "Ionic Factor". This one here is similar to their previous on side A as far as the tempos and rhythms, but soothing is not what comes to mind with this one. Here, shrill, cold and desolate energies take over, as if the smoke is clearing from an atomic blast that has sent everything into oblivion. Telephasycx! makes really thought provoking music. Very good for the clubs. but full of depth and mystique. I really love this song!

Cymatics Operator featuring Silicon Scally and Telephasycx!, is out now via Bandcamp, and some others like Redeye and Clone, as a very limited vinyl release. So make sure to hop on this one as soon as you can. This is one truly menacing collection of tunes, perfect for the dancefloor, but still heady enough to challenge your neurons a bit!

Highly recommended stuff. Get it!


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