SMB Records

Founded in Leytonstone, UK in 1999, SMB Records was one of the very prolific Electro Bass labels to carry our music from its "Second Wave" heyday in the '90s, into the 2000's where the true evolution of the sound began to occur. While the label is no longer in business, their discography up until 2008 was full of tenacity and innovation, bringing in some of the best UK talent under its wing and presenting it in a very abstract and eerie fashion that really conveyed the darker atmospheres in the scene at that time.

Kicking things off with the 12" "Trois Chances De Mourir" by Double Beuce (Insomniak Sound System), the label delivered a futuristic 12" full of fast-paced Speedcore beats, soon followed by Blackmass Plastics' debut with "Newcrossfade E.P."; a collaboration between SMB members and fellow associates from Dead Silence Syndicate. Not long after, the label's 3rd release would come to fruition with Dan H's ""Brockage", featuring 4 cuts of experiemental Electro and Techno beats for the freaks.

As the label began to gain ground, some well known names began gravitating to the imprint, primarily The Dexorcist, who in many ways made his career with SMB records, also being joined by long-time partner Bass Junkie, as well as Michael Forshaw, and Bombdogs. As 2001 came in, the label quickly ramped up its output of quality vinyl, releasing Blackmass Plastics' "Bleep Cutter", as well as "Tools Of The Trade", not to mention The Dexorcist's debut record on the label "Bad Robot E.P."; a menacing Electro Bass attack of fierce computerized beats, uncanny programming and sinister melodies in the style of works of early Battle Trax releases.

Throughout the rest of the 2000's, the label continued its rampage through the world's underground clubs and vinyl record boutiques with a wide array of releases, most notable perhaps being titles like Bombdogs and Krude's "Cancel The Apocalypse", The Dexorcist's "Quad Angle E.P." series, as well as the next collaborative effort with Dead Silence Syndicate called "Suicide Bomber/Berzerker". The label finally ceased its output in 2008 with Fatter Faction's "A.N.T.I. Social E.P."; which was an energized Electro-Rock song featuring remixes by Danny Blank and legendary UK producer Radioactive Man.

Surrounded in obscurity, which made up the label's overall image, its safe to say that not much else is known about the label's potential future return, or the whereabouts of its mastermind; except at some point in the last decade he relocated to France where the label continued its output, and eventually bid farewell to nearly a decade of solid and very eclectic releases.

While not exclusively an Electro Bass label, the imprint's inclination to our scene, and its selection of incredible releases without question made its mark on our history that for years to come will continue to influence the masses as their releases become more and more sought after, and eventually classic Electro releases that are truly a must have in any collection. Long live SMB!


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