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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

There has always been a question as to whether Extraterrestrial life exists outside of our planet or not, and if so, when will they visit or invade. What we rarely think about though, is how? Ever since 2006, the unsuspecting residents of this planet have been under constant attack by a secretive force of alien life based in a remote location in Germany, only known as the SOM Airfield; carrying out auditory missions with the intent of abducting your minds and ears for the purpose of advancing humanity and setting up a new standard in musical and cultural development.

Founded by Nico Jagiella and Robert Witschakowski, the masterminds behind this otherworldly label have had a unique vision for the way their goals would be carried out. Always releasing their titles in the most innovative and creative packaging, their ever-growing and eclectic catalog of releases by international artists have become a collector's must; proving that in an age of low vinyl and CD sales, a label can still find ways to make their products stand out without having to resort to only digital releases.

Solar One Music's first release was in 2007, by a group called "The Exaltics", composed primarily of Robert Witschakowski. This was to be perhaps the first time, at least in the Electro Funk and Electro Bass scene, that an artist's release was published not on CD, vinyl, or simply digital, but on a USB thumbdrive; which included an interactive flash application, as well as 3 songs wrapped in a peculiar gold bubble packaging stamped with the group's logo brand.

The next release was to begin what almost seemed like a comic book series, with "Crotaphytus - Bite Of The Reptiles"; which included remixes by Komarken Electronics, Aliensextoy, Franck Sarrio, and CPU. This CDr release came in a tin case, with a fabulous illustration of invading reptilian aliens running through the streets, and carried a very eerie Detroit feel; something that is quite prevalent in the entire catalog of the label's releases.

2008 would be a fruitful year for Solar One Music, releasing not only the last solo Crotaphytus release to date, but also two of their most infamous compilations: "Strange Tales From The Future", and the "SOM Compilation"; which was a 3 CDr set, with tracks by Gab.Gato, The Exaltics, Aliensextoy, AS1, Clatterbox, and many more. This compilation in many ways began to set a standard in the new school Electro Bass sound that stands apart uniquely from what people tend to call "Electro", with its influences of Detroit Techno sounds and spaced out concepts of futuristic tales and technological advancements.

Over the next year in 2009, SOM would release a varied selection of titles, which included a split EP between Crotaphytus and Raw Mechanics, as well as the second installment of "Strange Tales From The Future"; which was a 3 artist compilation featuring Impakt, Galaxian, and MANASYt. The second volume of the SOM compilation was also to be released on this year, and brought in a few new artists on board: Beta Evers, Koova, Spartacus, Alex Norinh, and many more.

Even to labels that have always been digital, or a mix of CD and downloadable versions, it is interesting to see how at some point, there is always a vinyl release; proving just how important and essential vinyl cuts still are for Electronic music. 2010 would be the year where Solar One Music would come full circle with this idea, releasing their first 12" EP; but not without one more of their infamous CDr releases, the 2 disc split album between The Exaltics and AS1: "Freefall/Code Reference". This album became an instant classic SOM release, showcasing the talents of 2 of the most formidable artists on this label, and setting the stage for "The Clash EP", a 12" cut by The Exaltics featuring a remix by AS1. This beautiful, enigmatic and deeply emotional release is truly a must have and offers a nice variety of Electro Bass beats, and 4 on the floor Detroit Techno inspired tracks.

As the label continues marching forward, these space visitors show no sign of slowing down their mission of unleashing their alien form of electronic frequencies upon the masses of this earth. Just recently releasing the 3rd installment of their now infamous SOM Compilation, this new title comes in a double pack, which includes a CD and Mini CD; and features the cream of the crop from Solar One Music, like Komarken Electronics, The Exaltics, Alek Stark, AS1, and many more incredible producers from all around the globe.

If there is anything to be learned from this label, it is that innovation is truly the key to moving forward, making things as collectable as possible and not succumbing to the all-too-convenient, yet "all-too-dangerous" digital only release format. As technology continues to evolve, one can only hope that new mediums of recording and pressing music will become available; because it is extremely important that we realize that by leading away from physical formats of releasing music, one day, future generations...or perhaps even future visitors, may not have a record of what the predecessors of this planet where listening to.


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