Sonic Potions and Erica Synths Announce LXR-02 Drum Synthesizer

LXR-02 drum synth © Sonic Potions/Erica Synths

You may well remember Sonic Potions' LXR drum machine DIY kit released several years back. Unlike many drum machines on the market back then, this was an actual drum synthesizer capable of concocting many more sounds way beyond its somewhat predetermined optimization set for individual types of drum instruments.

Featuring powerful and flexible modulation options, 128 steps per track, step probability, parameter automation, and even MIDI velocity per step, the LXR was certainly a heavy contender and a machine well worth considering for any studio. Recently, the news is that Sonic Potions teamed up with iconic boutique manufacturer Erica Synths, to bring you a newly updated revision of the LXR, dubbed the "LXR-02". Bet you didn't see that one coming! ;)

While some of it remains fairly similar to the original, there have been some welcomed changes especially cosmetically, but also a couple things that could have been done better in my opinion. If you are wondering what I mean, of course I am talking about the fact the new revision of the LXR still only runs at 44khz/16 bit, which will suffice and is certainly not lofi, but personally I feel they could have updated the unit to at least 24 bit. Now there may be a good reason for that, but the even more confusing part is the number of steps per track that all publications reporting on this cannot agree on.

The original LXR offered a very generous 128 steps per track (16 steps each divided into an additional 8 substeps), which many publications and even retailers claim it still does. However, there are others that say the new revision only offers 64 steps per track, which would seem like a drawback. Seems the problem with the confusion is the fact that there is no official info on the LXR from the manufacturers yet, and retailers like Sweetwater's product page mention the LXR still offers the original 128 steps. Not sure what to make of that!

The LXR-02 however still employs 6 voices (VA and FM), 7 sequencer tracks as mentioned (each that can be set to its own length), as well as its very handy "Performance Mode", which allows for manual rolls per track, easily accessible muting, a "Morph" function to go between active and target presets, and the very fun and useful "Global Sample Rate Reduction" feature which should be a fun one for live sets.

The unit still also features 4 individual 1/4" mono outs, MIDI I/O of course, as well as USB, and it even has Analog Clock I/O.

The LXR-02 is available now for pre-order, with a pricepoint of $589.00.

You can learn more about the LXR-02, as well as see it in action, by watching the video below: