Soundex Phonetic - Era

Scottish Electro warrior Soundex Phonetic returns, this time on German imprint Stonedwave Records, delivering his first vinyl LP to date with 9 brand new tunes of fierce combative Electro to bewilder the mind, and rattle the spirit.

Starting the album, we find "Shoot To Kill", one of Soundex's signature fast-paced jams that delivers grueling beats, as a relentless and hypnotic bassline pulses through like electromagnetic waves. The melodies here are delightful, if not haunting at times. Great start!

Next, "The Deployment Of The Manta Droid Subfighter Pilots" slows down just a tad, creating an amalgam of modern Electro Bass flavors with strong notes of Drexciya, while "E Is For Echo" gains momentum to blast off into outer space with this complex, uncanny tune full of intrigue and bits of Techno vibes.

"Gibberish" continues the assault on your mind, as a warm analog arpeggiated bassline hums just below the mix, making way for Speak N Spell samples that are bathed in gloomy, somehow shy and slightly innocent stabs. "Vessel Maintenance" closes off the A side on this vinyl cut with a marvel of a tune, perhaps my favorite. This slightly aggressive song is almost like a lullaby, where gleaming and absolutely spellbinding melodies are embraced by the warmth of razor sharp analog pads. A journey deep into a world where light and dark exist in harmony...profound song!

Starting off the B side, "Purify" gets back into deep Drexciyan vibes, stomping along to 4x4 beats as vibrant melodic arrangements create an alluring, slightly melancholic atmosphere that inspires you to groove along eyes closed. Beautiful!

"The Southsider" carries on, and introduces a masterpiece of intriguing, desperately passionate and touching energies that make just enough room for 8-bit computations to decorate the space between. The beats here are classic Electro beats, slowed down around 130 BPMs, bouncing along as you are taken to a higher state of consciousness with a power of inspiration I haven't heard in a long time. A+!

"Planet Pluto" continues the same tempos more or less, but flows from Yang into the darker underworld of the Yin, as this unfriendly tune shows its teeth, and displays the malevolence and rather ingenious attitude of the dark. Punishing stuff!

Closing things off, "Thank you" says goodbye with another inspiring tune that from the get-go opens the gates into an awe-inspiring world where light rains down like solar rays from the center of our solar system. This one is very unique from the rest, as it gravitates more into downtempo rhythms, and introduces orchestral synth arrangements that are driven by bubbling bass sequences. Mesmerizing stabs flow across every so often, and seem to almost disintegrate as quickly as they manifest.

This song right here, at least to me, show just how much Soundex Phonetic has matured as an artist over the years. From the mercenary days of Militant Science, where the mission within his music was obviously to rattle the cages of society, to the mastery of songs like "Thank You", where one can almost feel that deep within his soul he is not just coming into being as an artist, but growing into understanding the power within his own talent for his music, and even that of the self, and how surrendering to the vastness of existence is where true peace lies. In the acceptance of all things. Somehow within this song alone, I can almost feel the artist getting closer to some sort of personal form of enlightenment.

Overall this new outing by Soundex Phonetic is a journey like no other. From beginning to end you are led on a sonic adventure that is hard to predict, and even harder to prevent it from jolting you to the very core with everything from menacing vibes, to absolutely beautiful and majestic compositions that will dig deep into your soul.

Highly recommended album by an artist with a powerful dedication to the music, someone who pushes the boundaries time after time with a keen sense of what lies ahead, without ever looking back, and never taking any prisoners! Soundex Phonetic is an energetic warrior of conscious, often rebellious, and always challenging Electronic Music, and this album is a perfect testament of that. Buy this vinyl and support the underground!


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