Start-Up Company Begins Producing Customized Overlays for the Behringer Neutron

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Founded in Eckerö; a municipality in the small Finnish autonomous territory of Åland, Heinakroon is a small independently owned start-up company based around the idea of making overlays for Behringer's flagship semi-modular analog synthesizer, the Neutron.

As founder Andreas Heinakroon states on his Facebook page: "It all started with a teaser pic on Behringer’s Facebook page of a PCB full of 3.5mm sockets (what could it be?!), followed by a video showing off a new analogue semi-modular mono synth". And while it is no secret that the Behringer Neutron's recent release has truly caught the analog synth world by storm with its great functionality and sound, unfortunately to some and for some odd reason, the Neutron's red color did not actually go over very well.

You can choose between very subtle, classy looks, or mode adventurous ones like this one! © Heinakroon Overlays

Being a User Interface designer by profession, Andreas Heinakroon decided to step up to the challenge, and sketched out a few designs that could work for the Neutron, eventually producing some very interesting and absolutely gorgeous overlays; coming in all sorts of styles and colors. 

Now it is important to note these aren't skins, but rather very well made overlays that are secured in place by the faceplate screws, and the potentiometer knobs. All you have to is take them off, put the overlay on top of the original, and re-tighten the screws. Very easy and straightforward, no sticker mess, or potential of putting it on misaligned.

With all the excitement surrounding the release of this very interesting synthesizer by Behringer, it gets even more fun considering that you can now fully customize it with 18 different optional overlays.

If you would like to purchase one for your Neutron, you can order directly through the company's website, or Facebook page

If you have time, check out this video of an overlay install by Youtube user Robert Iver, featuring a beautiful composition featuring the Behringer Neutron:

Photo credits: Heinakroon Overlays

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