Steinberg Releases Cubase 10

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

New Cubase 10 © Steinberg Media Technologies

Steinberg Media has announced version 10 of its flagship, the revolutionary and essential Cubase. Having been the medium that introduced the world to computer recording, 30 years in and this marvel of ingenuity, and an absolute staple of recording for many studios around the world, continues to evolve ever so gracefully.

Some welcomed new features this time around include Audio Alignment; a synchronization feature for stacked recordings, whether it be vocal or any other types. VariAudio 3 is a new and enhanced pitch correction tool that allows you to dig deeper into your recordings to make formant shifts or micro pitch changes.

Other features include a MixConsole Snapshots feature, so you can recall previous mix arrangements or make comparisons. The entire channel strip feature introduced in the later versions has undergone a huge revamp, GUI is much nicer, bigger and easier on the eyes with metering and better visual feedback. Personally this was one of the features that I really appreciated in the late versions of Cubase.

There is also now support for MPE controllers (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), and 32-bit integer or 64-bit float audio formats. Video editing has seen some improvements as well, and there is now a VR production suite called Steinberg Virtual Reality, which is an initiative by the company to enter into the world of VR and allow users to create content.

All in all, a great step forward as this essential DAW continues to grow and evolve, as it adapts to the ever-changing markets and needs of musicians, video editors, and now even VR content creators alike.

For more information, please visit the Steinberg website. If you own Cubase Pro 9 or 9.5, or even earlier versions, there is a price reduction when you update, so that's something to consider as well. Updating from Cubase Pro 9.5 is only $99, while updating from say Cubase Elements is $359. Full price is US $559, so it's definitely worth to update your current version.

If you have some time, please watch the video below as Steinberg Media explains some of the new features in Cubase 10: