Stonedwave Records

German label Stonedwave Records is one of those delightful imprints that turn listening to Electro music into a greater experience, not just promoting a certain style, but diving headfirst into the many flavors Electro music has to offer. It's an experience that challenges the mind, and refreshes your perspective on things via intelligent computations that create fascinating worlds to step into as we leave this often dense and uninspiring world behind. 

Founded in 2006 as a successor to Bombtrap Records, Stonedwave has served as the home to artists like Chiptronic, Jochen Heym, EOD, as well as Scottish underground mercenaries Chordata and Soundex Phonetic.

Having started off with the untitled split EP between Chiptronic and Kungfoo, the label gave us a glimpse into the more mechanical, abstract, glitched out themes they would present us, gracefully moving on to records like Jochen Heym's "Sononaut"; a marvel of Electro music, rich with crafty beats and mysterious, otherworldly analog synth programming that reaches into the further depths of the sound. Then we have beautiful music like that of EOD for example, and his record "EAP Tracks", which leads the listener to the realms of artists like Lowfish or Solvent. Playful, soulful, warm, and slightly vintage with a funky Synth-Pop feel that would have anyone grooving along. 

Recently, the label has also released the sinister compilation that is "Restless Breed 3.0", featuring newcomer to the label Sane, as well as Jochen Heym, Chiptronic and Chordata; who also just published her first vinyl output on Stonedwave, with "Masg Of Orahii". A punishing, fierce and relentless attack of aggressive Electro beats, bleeps and dark analogue mastery from one of the true ambassadors of the Scottish Electro sound.

Stay tuned, as Stonedwave Records is in many ways just getting started, preparing this next go-around for the first vinyl output by another one of Scotland's Electro purveyors, the one and only Soundex Phonetic. Introducing "Era"; the artist promises an album undoubtedly eclectic and rich in ingenious productions, and one we for one are quite excited about! 

For now however, if you haven't checked out the rest of the label's music, head on over to their Bandcamp and check out their great owe it to yourself! Highly recommended label by Electric Kingdom. 

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