Stormfield and Nonima - Expanse E.P.

Combat Recordings returns, seeing founder Stormfield teaming up once again with long time collaborator Nonima on the adventurous "Expanse E.P.". Here, these two dark wizards of the Electro sound will force you to dive deep into the abyss, where vast realms await the listener, immersing them into a complex array of uncanny, mesmerizing atmospheres.

This digital pack starts off with the title song, perplexing the mind with the hauntingly beautiful and profound pad arrangements found here. A beautiful tale told through some seriously intriguing, melancholic vibes unfolds as the percussive elements, rather cold but subtle, complete the listening experience. My favorite on this EP!

Listening on, things start to get a bit chaotic with "Airlock" as tribal drums invite you ever further into this unfriendly habitat where space bugs and swirling acid sequences weave around you to consume you like a venus flytrap.

Next, "Caesura" gets even more strange as the deranged melodies; as if coming from some sort of old music box, gleam about in the space between as the glitchy percussion distorts the reality around you. "Void" coming next, pushes the acid adventure even further, as mysterious synths decorate the background that mix together with sinister drones to create a mesmerizing atmosphere that will pull you in and not let go.

Moving along, "Caesura Pt. 2" slings you right back into the mayhem, making you realize perhaps you never woke from the nightmare after all. This alternate version continues the same pace of the original but focusing a bit more on the subtle sequences that make the tune a little less bizarre, but no less sinister.

Lastly, "Expanse Pt. 2" revisits the original as well without opening up too much, somehow maintaining the mood flowing but slightly contained, as if getting cold feet to show too much of itself.

Expanse E.P. on Combat Recordings shows the strong musicality and versatility of Stormfield and Nonima, who dare step into places most would be afraid to venture to, yet done seemingly with such ease here by these two UK Electro artists. From start to finish the sonic ride is varied, adventurous, and at times quite profound. Highly recommended release!


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