Sugar Bytes Introduces "DrumComputer" for iPad

Eye and ear candy! © Sugar Bytes

Earlier this year, German developer Sugar Bytes; known for popular soft synths such as the "Obscurium", "Looperator" and "Effectrix", announced the release of a new drum machine plug-in called "DrumComputer". This versatile drum synthesizer featured a powerful combination of classic and modern synthesis such as Wavetable, as well as sampling, and very flexible modulation and sequencing options, that allow you to dive deep into anything from futuristic drum sounds and patterns, to more classic styles.

Recently, the company announced that it has now also released an iPad version of DrumComputer for those who enjoy making music on the go, and best of all it's free to use, with a full unlock of only $26.99. Considering the versatility and complexity of the original, a mobile version we think will be an absolute hit for aspiring and professional composers alike, so this is definitely one worth checking out if you are in the market for a bonafide drum synthesizer for your iPad.

Features on this new version are:

  • 8 Sound Engines, each one layering a Resonator, Wavetable/Analogue Oscillator and Resynth/Sampler

  • Filter, Compressor, Overdrive and 2 kinds of Send Reverbs: Room and Hall

  • 2x Env/LFO, plus Synth-Engine-Modulators, Sequencer-Modulators, ModMatrix

  • Intelligent Randomizers for endless Drum Sounds

  • 16 Step Sequencer and Pattern Generator, Probability, Rolls, +/- Step Delay, Swing, Humanize

  • Auto- und Manual Remixing/Fills

  • Easy Keyboard Mapping for Patterns, Mutes and Engine Triggers

  • Keyzones for Rolls, Pitch and Modulation

  • Multiple Audio/MIDI Outputs

  • MIDI File Export

  • Audio Unit v3 & Standalone

  • Virtual, Network, External & Bluetooth MIDI

  • Ableton Link

  • MIDI Learn & Host Automation

  • Preset iCloud Sync

  • Preset Share

You can find more information about Sugar Bytes' new "DrumComputer" app for the iPad, by visiting their website, or watching the video below. Remember DrumComputer is free to download, and $26.99 for a full unlock on iOS. Check the website for the desktop version as well if you are interested.