Sync 24

Born Phil Bolland, Sync 24 has been on a relentless mission over the last nearly 2 decades to spread his uncanny style of Electro Bass to the masses, continuously expanding upon his own accomplishments, and always leaving the listener to wonder: "what will come next?"; sometimes even the occasional: "how does he do that?".

Previously recording under the Cultek moniker with Rob Smith on Touchin' Bass Records, Bolland decided to leave the project, and began his solo career writing and producing as Sync 24. Debuting once again on Touchin' Bass in 2003, Bolland delivered "Darker Senses", with the songs titled as "Sense 1, 2, 3, and 4". This dark and suspenseful EP seemed to be what could be described as a stepping stone for Sync 24, not yet displaying the incredible technical complexity that has made this artist so notorious in recent years, but instead it carried remnants of Cultek’s sound, as it began to introduce some of the elements that would inevitably become the artist’s signature sounds.

The following year in April of 2004, Sync 24 returned with, “Fragmatic”, which made it on the first CD sampler compilation on Baselogic Records, also featuring some of his works under Cultek, as well as that of artists like Ed Chamberlain, Synapse, and the Miami Beat Alliance. That same month, Sync 24’s “Sense 3”, was featured on Fabric Records’ "Electro Radio Mix" CD, by the British duo “Tyrant”. The CD also featured Mat Carter, Silicon Scally, Point B, Volsoc, Ectomorph, Justin Berkovi, and another song by Bolland under the Cultek moniker, with “Infra-Red”. The release was a great deal of exposure, not just for these artists, but what was then the blossoming Electro Bass sub-genre. Later that year, Sync 24’s “Sense 3”, would again be featured, but this time on Touchin’ Bass’ “Nobody’s Perfect” compilation, which featured Bass Junkie, ADJ, Egg Foo Young, Secret Frequency Crew, Hydraulix, MANASYt, Chaotic State, as well as many of Andrea Parker’s collaborations with David Morley, DJ Godfather, and DJ Assault.

In 2005, Sync 24 returned on Touchin’ Bass Records, along with MANASYt, on the split 12” called, “The Subsiding E.P.”. The record featured 2 songs by each artist, and was a frantic ride through the twisted musical minds of these two artists. Sync 24’s “The Warg”, and “I Don’t Know”, were warmly welcomed, bringing the right balance of mind and body with a sound that was beginning to evolve and reflect more of Sync 24’s contemporary sound, with powerful mechanic beats, abstract sequences, and mystifying synth sweeps and stabs.

As his sound continued to evolve along the years, his label Cultivated Electronics, founded in 2007, would become his homebase where he would bring in many of his past comrades, but also newer talents such as Morphology, Sonar Base, and MMT-8 to name a few. Sync 24, also assigning himself to perpetual remix duties on the imprint, has utilized the wide range of styles on the label, to show exactly what his capacity to rework this material in his own devious and ingenious way could be in taking many of these songs to a whole new level. Remixes like that of Morphology's "Information Paradox", and Scape One's "Substorm" are but a couple examples of the fire behind this incredible UK artist.

Much more is yet to come, so keep calm and keep listening to the wonderful tunes of Sync 24. It certainly has been a wild ride so far, and it can only be expected to get even more dramatic as time goes on. Sync 24 and Cultivated Electronics, not to mention his events “Scand”, have been a huge factor in the keeping alive of our scene, and in the return, even if somewhat minimal, of vinyl to our music. The level of ingenuity, and attention to detail that this artist and label have to offer, is something to be admired, and something any and all doing this should pay attention to.

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