Sync 24 Set to Drop First Full-Length Album Since Debut in November

Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 © Facebook/Sync24 official

Phil Bolland, who you may know better as Sync 24; the man behind the legendary Scand parties in the UK, not to mention one of the most prevalent labels of the new school Electro sound, Cultivated Electronics, is set to release his very first full-length album since his debut back in 2003 on mighty Touchin' Bass, and the "Darker Senses E.P.".

Presenting "Inside The Microbeat", Sync 24 sheds a bit of old skin, and steps into his fully realized self as he comes at you from every direction with some of the most fascinating Electro tracks you've heard in a while.

From the "hit-the-ground" approach of timeless hits like the intro "Oriental Sunset", to the complete insanity that is "Haunt Times" and its wicked programming, to songs a bit more in line with what you are used to from the artist, like "Drunk on Delays" and the title tune, to the refined style of the concluding track "Spatial Racing", this album displays in its purest form perhaps, not just the sound that propelled him to becoming one of the most sought after Electro artists of our time, but also how that sound has evolved over the years, and very gracefully at that.

Sync 24's "Inside The Microbeat" releases November 3rd, 2021 on digital as well as a triple colored vinyl disk, packaged in a gatefold sleeve, and featuring an amazing 12" canvas piece by iconic visual artist Will Barras; an award-winning animation director, and one of the most iconic of Bristol's street art scene.

This new release coming from Cultivated Electronics is an absolute must-have collector's item for the die hard Electro fan, so make sure to support. Pre-order a copy today before they are gone!

You can listen to previews of the album below: