SynTesla: A Waldorf Streichfett Goes Steampunk, Powered by Tesla Vaccum Tubes! © PJ Tardiveau

Back in July of 2015, PJ Tardiveau took to Twitter to reveal an upcoming project he was working on dubbed the "SynTesla", which ended up looking a little different than the original design, and is essentially a Waldorf Streichfett string module, packed inside an absolutely gorgeous Steampunk chasis that looks like it came straight out of the movie "Wild Wild West" with Will Smith (1999).

Tardiveau claims that he has also incorporated Tesla vacuum tubes into the signal chain, but as of yet he has not released any specs or schematics of any kind. It's also unclear if this is simply a one off project, or something he plans on releasing to the DIY public. Theoretically speaking, a manufacturer could essentially clone the Streichfett circuitry, and market the SynTesla as easily one of the most unique synths ever created. Move over Moog, somebody got even a little more creative at hand making synths! ;)

But this is far from his first creation, Tardiveau is truly a craftsman who loves to play with wood, and interesting gases such as Plasma, making everything from planetarium table lamps, to unique synthesizers such as the SynTesla.

If you have a few minutes, listen to the SynTesla in action, the jam alone is quite worth it: