SynthVR: A Virtual Reality Modular Synthesizer Environment You Can Truly Immerse Yourself In

Updated: Feb 3

A synth nerd's fantasy come true! © 42tones

Based on the infamous Eurorack synth module standard, SynthVR is a modular synthesizer experience offering users the ability to build, touch, play and program their own customized modular rigs, all inside a highly immersive and interactive virtual reality environment, full of oscillators, sequencers, effects and more.

Some key features are:

  • Fully modular signal flow

  • 30+ synth modules to play with

  • Easily share and discover new creations online

  • Control signals run at audio rate, just like real modular

  • Animate the environment with your sounds

  • Multichannel audio recording options

  • Limitless supply of bleeps and bloops

SynthVR is available for download for PCVR (Rift, Index, Vive) for a current special of $21.24 (15% off), directly from the 42tones store, or for Oculus Quest for $24.99 from Sidequest.

Watch the official trailer for SynthVR below: